The Frontier story!!

Frontier Metal Processing was founded in 1994 as an extention of a passion into a business. Nico Economakis was a keen IPSC shooter who used to cast his own bullets and also for friends. He soon started to manufacture commercially and eventually bought industrial machinery. Today, Frontier is one of the leading manufacturers of complete metal jacketed bullets in the world. The development of a range of bullets for hunters was born from local demand. South Africa is a hunters' paradise and locals, who do not hunt for trophies, hunt for meat; it is popular for South African hunters to fill their fridges during winter months with game, as it is considered to be very healthy, free of antibiotics and growth hormones that are often present in beef or mutton.

The hunters complained that there were very few manufacturers who considered the needs of African Game hunters and this is where the Game Ranger project was started by Nico and two well-known South African hunters, brothers Casper and Sarel Badenhorst.



The designs of the Game Ranger bullet was based on the principle that maximum straight-line penetration is reached by the use of a very heavy bullet, shot at slower velocities. The blunt shape of the bullet is designed to cause maximum trauma. This bullets was designed to be a heavy-duty big game stopper. The first bullet in the range was the .458, 600gr for the Winchester Magnum. Improving the stopping power of this cartridge tremendously. Almost two years of testing and re-designing went into the project before the design team was happy with what the bullet could do.


From the 600gr 458 CS Game Ranger, the other bullets followed in 416, 375, 9,3, 30 Cal, 303 and late in 2004 the three bullets for the 454 Casull/460 S&W were introduced. Thousands of the bullets have already be sold in South Africa, Canada and Australia. Introduction into the European market is slower because of the bad reputation that electroplated bullets earned during their early years of development, which built up a resistance to them.

The manufacturing of electroplated bullets has come a long way since those early years, culminating in what we at Frontier believe to be of the best big game bullets out there - the CS Game Ranger range.


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